What is The NKS?


As the name suggests, located all around Britain, there are over 10,000 accessible toilets for disabled people, in public as well as commercial properties of all sorts, which are part of the scheme. The scheme also includes over 1000 Changing Places toilets, which have added specialist equipment.

Unfortunately these toilets often need to be locked in order to minimalise vandalism, illegal activities, and other misuse by able bodied people.

The good news is that every single locked toilet is unlocked by the same key. For 25 years The R.A.D.A.R. Key Company have been selling our National Key Scheme Key (often called Radar Key), which is guaranteed to open every lock on every toilet in the scheme. We sell to disabled users, toilet providers and were sole suppliers to The Royal Association For Disability Rights from 1993 until their closure.

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